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Paola Tagliabue was born November 28, 1967, graduated from the Polytechnic of Torino in architectural restoration, practicing as architect since 2000.

Since the years of the University manifests a strong weaves for IT applied to architecture, which led her to invest in its own equipment and to complete the degree program with a thesis of restoration, the vanguard for the year 1994 on 'information technology applications in the representation of the conservation project and who took as a model Zambelli Palace in Venice, with all the complexities relating to construction types used and the degradation present.


The first work experience led her to collaborate with various professional firms to keep learning courses in computer graphics programs dedicated to architecture, to develop a computerized cataloging of Cultural Heritage.

For a year he joined the firm of ITEA Rivarolo, specializing in environmental planning, surveying and civil engineering.

From 1996 to 1998 with hiring at the Consortium Manital- Consortium for Integrated Services, plays and performs as Head of Technical Planning, Public Institutional leading the business segments of the Technical Department, Head of internal Manital locations in Italy and as a component of the Office picture oversees all information material, artwork, advertising Consortium Manital and care of the image of the Consortium Manital outward.

Since 2000, with enrollment in the the Architects of the province of Turin, began his professional career that also leads to the cooperation with other professional firms with which engages in the design in the field of cultural heritage, restoration and the new building.

Among the most important we highlight the construction of the Olympic Village of Sestriere, the reutilization of Building SEI in Turin, the intervention for the redevelopment of the former industrial area Montefibre Ivrea and the construction of residences for the elderly and retirement home Neuropsychiatric in Piedmont.

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